Uber Class Action

Uber Data Breach Class Action

January 31, 2018

McPhadden Samac Tuovi has commenced a proposed class action against Uber arising from its data breach in November, 2016 and not disclosed by Uber until November, 2017.
Both Uber users and drivers were affected by the data breach. Stolen from Uber’s records were user’s full names, cell phone numbers and email addresses. In addition, driver’s licence numbers were also taken. Uber failed to immediately disclose the data breach to users and drivers. It did not disclose the data breach for almost a year. Instead, it paid $100,000 to the thieves that took the information.
If you provided your information to Uber as a user or driver prior to November, 2016 then you automatically qualify as a class member without doing more. However, we encourage you to complete the online questionnaire found at this link: Doing so will provide us with details regarding the breach and enable us to more readily communicate with you and other class members.

Contact: Bryan C. McPhadden
Phone: (416) 601-1020
Fax: (416) 601-1721
Email: bmcphadden@mcst.ca
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